«You helped, thank you!»

You used to flip through a news feed. Accidentally came across the page of the charity fund “Renaissance of Defenders of Ukraine”. They read a post calling to help the military. Made their charitable contribution.

Someone purposefully flipped through the foundation’s website, reading the stories of fighters who once threatened the most important thing: their lives and health. They did it without fear or hesitation – they just knew that our country needed protection. You have decided to help a military man whose story has impressed you the most.

Most made their charitable contributions on a similar principle. Amounts are different. The goal is one. Help those who are not used to asking for help. Save those who once saved us.

Thanks to you, Stanislav Stovban, an anti-terrorist operation veteran, received high-quality prosthetics in the United States and returned to service in eastern Ukraine.

Anatoliy Senyshch, a machine gunner of the 10th Separate Mountain Assault Brigade, underwent a 5-month rehabilitation in New York and returned home on his feet. Despite the fact that after the injuries the prognosis was disappointing.

Maksym Yermokhin, a spy, received sports prosthetics in the United States and became a member of the National Team of Ukraine “Games of the Unconquered”.

You can read more of these stories in the Reports section.

But most importantly – it is thanks to you that they become more. You helped. Thanks.