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Viktor Legkoduh

26 years

Dnipropetrovsk region

26th Ukrainian soldier
Talii vnaslidok were wounded, fighting in the ATO zone near the warehouse of the 25th okremia
Dnipropetrovsk aeromobile brigade. In 2009–2013, Viktor is navchavsya at
Lviv Academy of Aeromobilnyh Vіysk, and in Berezna 2014 I returned to
zone of conflict.
16 serpnya pіd hour of developmental operation Distav Tyazhke Minno-Oskolkovo
hurt. The largest splinter got stuck at the Viktor ridge, through the soldier
paralizations below the belt. The battlefields of the battle were evacuated to Kharkivskoe
vіyskogo spital, and after a few days we were transported to Odeskiy vіyskovy
hospital for a second-hand treatment and operations.
Victor from Dnipropetrovsk region, having become friends a little long time ago. Nini friends at once
fight against Victor’s parallel. Foundation “Revival of Zakhisnikiv Ukraine” priviz
Victor for six thousandth rehabilitation to the NextStep Center near Los Angeles

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