Alexander Pivnev

20 years

A 20-year-old soldier of the Ukrainian army, who in 2015 signed a contract with the 53rd separate mechanized brigade as an anti-aircraft artillery fighter and was sent to serve in the conflict zone in eastern Ukraine.
On July 3, 2016, Oleksandr came under heavy artillery fire
near the city of Toretsk in the Donetsk region, was seriously injured. He was taken to the nearest hospital, where doctors had to amputate his right leg.
On the night of July 4, Oleksandr was transferred to the Kharkiv Military Hospital, where he spent a week in intensive care. During this time, his heart stopped four times. When the condition stabilized, the soldiers were transferred to the trauma center and then to the purulent surgery department. As the situation remained difficult, doctors struggled to save the young man’s (then Alexander was 19) left leg. In total, the fighter underwent 11 operations at the Kharkiv Military Hospital. We prosthetized Alexander in the United States in 2017 for $ 14,500.

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