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“… Suddenly I felt a strong blow, dizziness. He fell to the ground. Immediately the thought flashed in my head: a sniper shot at me. I tried to crawl, but my legs wouldn’t listen – the bullet hit my spine.… I survived only thanks to my comrades… »
The events of March 22, 2019, are forever etched in the memory of Ivan Loizov, a fighter of the 54th Mechanized Brigade. That day, at one of the positions near the Golden 4, a man received a serious injury that changed his life.
Ivan was born in the Donetsk region, in the Azov region. Engineer by profession. In January 2015, during the fourth wave of mobilization, he quit his job and volunteered for the army. He got to the operational anti-aircraft artillery border post of the Donetsk border detachment and after several months of training went to the front. He was first injured in the summer of 2016 on the Svitlodarskaya arch near the village of Luhanske.
– I was the gunner of the ZU-23-2 anti-aircraft gun, – the fighter remembers. – Worked on the enemy. Mines flew in response. He received a minor wound in the arm, the fragment went into flight. Besides me, then two other guys from the crew were affected. Fortunately, everyone survived.
In the same 2016, Ivan signed a contract with the Armed Forces. The choice fell on the 54th mechanized brigade.
Talking about his second injury in the spring of 2019, the man recalls:
– Together with two comrades arranged a new position in the area of ​​Golden-4. Every day they dug, dug into the frozen rocky soil. To the nearest enemy trenches – about a hundred meters. The terrain is quite difficult – heaps, beams.
According to the veteran, then the so-called locals were in enemy positions. But later they were replaced by mercenaries from Russia, in particular – a group of professional snipers. The latter were quite annoying.
– On the night of March 22, I was on duty. He watched the approaches to our position. For a moment he stepped out of the trench to look through the thermal imager at a small bright spot, which the enemy tried to penetrate from time to time. Suddenly I felt a strong blow, dizziness. He fell to the ground. Almost immediately I realized that a sniper had shot at me. He tried to crawl, but his legs would not obey – the bullet hit his spine. I survived only thanks to my comrades, who called medics and carried me in their arms to the evacuation point for several kilometers in complete darkness. Later, one of them, my brother “Bereg”, died in the same position from a sniper bullet, – the man remembers sadly.
The wounded soldier was evacuated to Severodonetsk, then by helicopter to Kharkiv, where he underwent a complex operation.
– It turned out that, in addition to damage to the spine, the bullet hit the liver and pierced the lungs. At some point I just stopped breathing. He spent two days in a coma. The doctors said that I was on the border, – says the military.
Since then, Ivan Loizov continues to fight for a return to full life. Behind – operations, treatment in hospitals in Kharkiv and Kyiv, rehabilitation in Lviv. According to doctors, the man has a chance to get back on his feet, but it will take years of rehabilitation.
“Now I’m trying to walk with a walker,” says the fighter. – Although slowly, but the sensitivity begins to return to the feet. The left leg works up to the knee. While the right is lagging behind, I gradually start to feel some muscles in it. I believe I will walk, but the spinal cord is a difficult story.

While rehabilitation continues, Ivan is optimistic about his plans for the future. He wants to learn programming and start a family. According to her husband, the main thing is not to get hung up and not get depressed. If you are lucky enough to survive – you need to move on, because there are no hopeless situations.

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