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Leonid Ovdiuk


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In 2015, Lenya joined the staff of BSPSPOP “Lugansk-1” GUNP in Lugansk region. Together with the staff he served without rotations on the demarcation line, ensuring the stable functioning of the cities: Shchastya, Stanytsia Luhanska, Zolote, Krymske, Kryakivka.

The village of Metalist remained under the control of the occupiers, according to its own even destroyed house, it is now impossible to return, and for the local authorities, Lenya is a persona non grata. I had to move with my family to live in Happiness.

On the outskirts of the front-line village of Tryokhizbenko, on May 20, three soldiers and a combatant, Serhiy Gubanov, were conducting an evening patrol. Suddenly – an explosion. The legendary police colonel soon died of his injuries in hospital, and Ukraine suffered an irreparable loss. Later, the media will report that the mine was laid for Gubanov, one of the best commanders.
Lenya and other fighters were seriously wounded.

Lenya has severe shrapnel wounds, her condition is critical. First Severodonetsk, then Kharkiv, then Kyiv. Operations are performed one by one by the best specialists, but even for a week they do not give any forecasts, no hopes. The fighter is kept unconscious all the time to prevent painful shock.
A very complicated operation awaited Lenya in Kyiv. The problem remained with transportation: the helicopter was scheduled to arrive in a few days, and the operation had to be done urgently. This was not without the intervention of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, which undertook both the flight and assistance in attracting the best specialists to save Leonid.
A complex operation in Kyiv to remove the fragment was successful. Now Lenya is more in a state of consciousness. Has a positive dynamics.

The crazy work of doctors is behind us, there is a long way of rehabilitation ahead, the search for inner strength for further struggle.

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