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How to help

Your charitable contribution is salvation.

Each sum brings the Ukrainian military closer to its most important victory – the restoration of health after the war. We are with you – those who can help them in this.

We tell you about possible payment options:

1. Total cost – join an important project – collecting 2.5 million hryvnias for the maintenance of the rehabilitation center “Next Step Ukraine” during the year. Optionally, sign up for a monthly subscription to make charitable contributions.

Link: https://biggggidea.com/project/vidrodzhennya-zahisnikiv-ukrani/

2. The site of the charity fund “Renaissance of Defenders of Ukraine” – the stories posted on the main page will help you choose a specific fighter who needs your support.

Link: rsukraine.org.ua

3. Portmone.com site – money transfer in two clicks. Just enter your email and the amount to be paid.

Link: https://www.portmone.com.ua/r3/uk/pay-shop?id=H4sIAAAAAAAAAytIrExN9UyxNTI1NjZVy0nMSy9NTE+1Lc1WKyhKTSwtyYhPy0lMt/VTS8rMyYlPLi0qSs1LrrQNdfQAAD0c//g6AAAA

4. Patreon.com platform – will be useful for those who want to support our fighters on a monthly basis. You can subscribe to regular transfers from $ 10 to $ 99.

Link: https://www.patreon.com/rsukraine_org_ua

5. PayPal site – to make a charitable contribution, enter the fund’s e-mail and the desired amount. The service will make a secure payment, the status of which you can track.

Mail: revivedsoldiersukraine@gmail.com

Choose the platforms that are convenient for you. Make charitable contributions. Today – you will save your fighter.

Charitable contribution
  • Charitable contribution
  • (Укр) Дмитро Яковець
  • (Укр) Віталій Білоус
  • (Укр) Глоба Євген
  • (Укр) Гарбар Олександр
  • (Укр) Артур Мельник
  • (Укр) Олександр Прокопенко
  • (Укр) Володимир Товкіс
  • (Укр) Вадима Зябліцев
  • Leonid Ovdiuk
  • Loizov Ivan
  • Paul Porhai
  • Alexander Dudarev
  • Dmitry Triboy
  • Ruslan Yarosh
  • Mikola Levkun

Donation information is received by the fund within four banking days

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