Privacy policy

Charitable organization Charitable Foundation “Renaissance of Defenders of Ukraine” cares about the protection of your confidentiality and respects it. Our highest priority is to protect the privacy of all personal information you provide.

The personal information that you provide when registering on the site www.rsukraine.org.ua (hereinafter – the Site) is mainly used to prepare services in accordance with the needs of visitors. Such information is not passed on or sold to third parties or companies.

What data is collected on the site

When filling out the application form and agreeing to receive a newsletter about the events and services of the Charitable Organization “Renaissance Defenders of Ukraine” Charitable Foundation, you provide personal information on the Site (name, surname, e-mail address).

What is the purpose of collecting this data?

The name you write when filling out the questionnaire is used to address you personally, and the e-mail you specify is used to send mailing lists, news about the forum, useful materials, and feedback. Your name and e-mail are not passed on to third parties under any circumstances, except in cases related to compliance with the law.

How this data is used

The Website www.rsukraine.org.ua uses cookies and data about visitors from the Google Analytics service.

Cookies provide support for security features, as well as allow you to track violations of privacy policies and conditions of use of the Site.

Google Analytics collects statistics about visits to the Site, such as pages visited, pageviews, information downloaded, ISP domains and countries of origin of visitors, and addresses of websites visited before and after Site. None of these actions are related to the visitor personally and are measured only as a whole. Information about the actions of visitors to the Site is collected and processed in order to improve the content of the Site, improve its functionality and, ultimately, to create quality services and content for visitors.

You can change your browser settings at any time so that your browser blocks all cookies or notifies you that these cookies have been sent. At the same time, keep in mind that some functions and services of the Site will not be able to work properly.

How this data is protected

To protect your personal information, the Charitable Organization “Renaissance Defenders of Ukraine” Charitable Foundation uses administrative, managerial and technical security measures. We adhere to international control standards aimed at transactions with personal information and use control mechanisms to protect the information of our users.

Our employees are trained to understand and follow these controls, they are familiar with the privacy policy, its rules and regulations.

However, while we strive to protect your personal information, you must also take steps to protect it.

We strongly encourage you to take all possible precautions while on the Internet. The services and products we create are maximally protected from leakage, unauthorized use and alteration of the information we control. While we do our best to ensure the integrity and confidentiality of information, we cannot guarantee that our security measures will help prevent hackers from illegally accessing this information and from interfering with third-party sites.

If you change this Privacy Policy, you will be able to read about all changes on this page or, in special cases, receive a message to your e-mail.

To contact the site administrator for any questions, you can write a letter to e-mail: nextstepukraine@gmail.com