About the fund

Our goal:

The purpose of the fund is to provide medical care and rehabilitation services in the United States and Ukraine to Ukrainian servicemen injured in the ATO / OOS zone.

Our mission:

In partnership with the global community, the Renaissance of Defenders of Ukraine is working to raise awareness of human rights and freedoms by providing humanitarian assistance to those in need. We work with leading hospitals in the United States, such as Yale University Hospital, Wills Eyes Hospital, Massachusetts General Hospital, Florida Hospital and many others, to receive wounded Ukrainian servicemen for free treatment worth millions of dollars and pay. medical bills in Ukraine and Europe. The Foundation purchases medical and rehabilitation equipment for Ukrainian hospitals and rehabilitation centers.

Since 2015, 11 paralyzed Ukrainian servicemen have been rehabilitated at NextStepFitness in Los Angeles and 2 wounded servicemen have had the opportunity to rehabilitate at NextStep, Chicago. To date, 46 wounded servicemen have been treated and rehabilitated in the United States at the expense of philanthropists from the Defenders of Ukraine Foundation. In April 2019. the foundation opened a similar institution in Ukraine NextStepUkraine according to the standards of neurorehabilitation in the USA. (linkforNextStepUkraine).

We work with charitable foundations in the United States, namely: UnitedHelpUkraine, RazomforUkraine, NovaUkraine, MaidanSF, ClevelandMaidanAssociaton, TogetherforUkraine, MaidanRochester, MaidanMinneapolis, ZUDAK, UMANA, the Ukrainian Federation of Ukraine and others. We have the support of Ukraine’s military attachés in Washington and Ukrainian consuls in Washington, New York and San Francisco.

Our vision:

Provide medical care and quality of life to Ukrainian servicemen and members of their families, as well as people who have suffered and have suffered from the conflict in the ATO / OOS